Or, “Things you might just wanna know”

Who Designed the Fabrics?

These fabrics are 100% unique to Cutting Shapes Club – you won’t find them anywhere else, ever! 

For most of the dress prints, I commissioned individual illustrations from artists that I love and respect. Then I took those individual illustrations and turned them into a textile design and repeating pattern so that they could be digitally printed onto bolts of fabric. Neat, huh? It was very fun 🙂

Where Are the Dresses Made?

The dress pattern was made here in Melbourne and underwent 9 iterations before I was really happy with it. Then it was graded, also in Melbourne, and sent to China to be manufactured ethically. 

Did you explore/consider manufacturing locally?

Yes, I would have loved to! I did explore the idea extensively, but unfortunately it just wasn’t financially feasible unless the dress sale price was over $200, and I really wanted to make something more affordable if possible. 

The custom printed fabric combined with the amount of fabric that goes into each garment, plus the cost of local production… it is a goal to be able to produce at least some items locally in the future.

Why Did You Choose That Dress Silhouette? It’s Not Exactly Groundbreaking…

I agree, the ol’ fit and flare is a tried and trusted style. It’s comfortable, classic and works on many body shapes. I love unique and quirky dresses (with pockets!) that are effortless to wear, but loud enough to visually scream someone down from across the street. Larger people (femmes in particular) are taught to shrink and hide ourselves, so these dresses feel like a complete and utter rebellion of that.

Why Do The Dresses Cost What They Do?

Lotssss of factors, and none of them involve me becoming the next high-powered fashion billionaire; I can assure you. 

Although the dresses are manufactured in China, they’re made ethically which means decent wages for the people who sewed them. The fabric & printing method is high quality (you will see when you get to touch one!). I paid extra per unit for “the good zips”. I commissioned the artists who did the illustrations, and I paid the photographer, models and makeup genies for the lookbook photoshoots.

I’m an Artist / I Have an Artist in Mind For You to Collab With

That’s rad! Send me details, but please keep in mind that Cutting Shapes is about community and supporting our people, so preference for paid work will always be given to people of colour / fats / femmes / GNC or NB folks / queer babes and people with varying abilities.