Sizing Info

The Cutting Shapes Club size chart is unique. Which might sound strange, but standardised sizing doesn’t really exist anyway. So why not do our own thing?

Before launching this brand, I spent a number of years researching and working with top pattern makers and apparel technicians to ensure the fit & grading of these dresses is nothing short of fab-nificent!

Why not just copy some of the popular brands?

For at least 3 years before launching Cutting Shapes Club I researched fit and size standardisation in the plus world and *surprise surprise* it’s a hot mess.

Originally, I was going to base my sizing off the most popular US plus size retailer (let’s just call them “Morrid”), but when you really examine their chart, it has tragically inconsistent grading and huge dead spots between some top-end sizes.

So, some of you kindly shared you measurements with me, and I found some brilliant people who know way more than I do to help me craft a size chart based on us and our community. Cos in the end, fats 4 fats 😉 


The above are BODY MEASUREMENTS, not garment. Please measure yourself before you order – even if you think you know your specs off by heart.

See below for more detailed notes and visual references. 

The above are GARMENT MEASUREMENTS, and are approximate based on “tolerance”.

**DID YOU KNOW? When manufacturing garments there is a thing called “tolerance”, which is basically a small threshold within which product measurements may vary. This means that it’s standard practice for an item of clothing to have a slight variation in sizing specs – usually only a couple of centimetres. This is to allow for the gazillions of variables that occur when cutting and sewing apparel by hand. Interesting, huh?!


Please do NOT size up (unless you want to, of course!). If anything these dresses run a little larger to what people are expecting because they have been designed by a fat body, for fat bodies.

We are all so conditioned to having to err on the side of caution and we often size up out of habit. No need, here!

If you are torn between 2 sizes, it’s probably safe to order the smaller size (unless you want a looser fit – see “Notes on the Fit”).

Also keep in mind, the fabric has a small amount of stretch as it’s 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

If you know that you historically have a hard time with a certain fit or area of a garment, please contact me and we can talk it through/I can give you more measurements.


The BUST is the more important measurement, since the waist was designed to look good a little looser or tighter. If you wear bras (and intend to wear a bra with this dress) make sure you measure with a good bra on around the fullest part of your bosom, and keep the tape measure parallel to the ground.

The WAIST on this dress sits quite high (think vaguely babydoll) so the measurement is above the belly button, but exactly where obviously depends on how full the bust section is on you (ie. less full and the waist will sit lower).

If you’re on the smaller end of a measurement, the dress will be looser fitting. One example of this is Laura in the Riots Not Diet Dress (who is very hourglass with a super small waist). Another is Elyse in the Babysitter’s Sweet Can (who has a belly and butt, but is smaller in the bust than the above chart). See below for visual examples.

If you’re on the smaller end of a measurement and would prefer a closer fit, it could be possible to size down, however you’ll probably need to assess shoulders and arms. As always you’re welcome to contact me for more measurements and guidance.

Laura is 168cm tall and wearing the size 2.
As you can see from her measurements, the size 1 was a closer fit but we wanted a more relaxed fit especially across the shoulders.

Elyse is 175cm tall and wearing the size 3.
As you can see, Elyse is a little bit smaller in the bust and waist for a more relaxed fit. Her arms are 54cm – perfect for the size 3.

Lisa is 176cm tall and wearing the size 5.
Even though her bust is bigger than the size 5 specs, her waist is spot on and narrower shoulders allowed for us to size down.

Jess is 167cm tall and wearing the size 1.
Jess’s bust is a snug fit, while her waist is on the bottom end of the measurement scale, so a slightly more relaxed fit.

Sonia is 163cm tall and wearing the size 2.
Sonia’s bust measurement is smack bang in the middle of the size 2 dimensions, while her waist is a little smaller for a really comfy fit.

Kath is 170cm tall and wearing the size 4.
Kath’s measurements are both perfectly in the middle of the size 4 specs and is a super good example of the fit for a babe with a round belly.

I am 167cm tall and wearing the size 2.
Even though my bust is a tiny bit bigger than the size 2 specs, I prefer a snug, close fit. My waist is also on the top end of the dimensions.