The Filthiest Dress Alive

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Having your picture taken for your first wanted poster? Here’s a dress that you’ll love more than your own hair colour. Just remember to condone first degree fashion. Filth is your politics, and filth is your life.

Made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, this breathable and slightly stretchy frock features a vibrant and trés high quality Cutting Shapes Club *CUSTOM* Print, with illustrations by Sam Pea (see below for more details).

SIZING: Please read the sizing information, found here. Abbey (model) wears a size 3.

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Sam Pea

Artist Commission Profile

It’s me, Sam Pea! Want to know what inspires me? That’s easy. 60s girl groups. 70s fashion. 80s hair metal. 90s sitcoms. 00s pop princesses. And currently… well let’s be honest – it’s reruns of 90s sitcoms. #nosoupforyou


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