Dearest friends, I’m very sorry to say that these are very probably the last Cutting Shapes Club dresses. I will be going on (indefinite?) hiatus once these are all gone, so get ’em while you can!


HEY YOU GROOVY HUMAN…If you’ve found your way to this radical little site, I’m gonna assume you’re in the market for some bold fat threads in ACTUAL plus sizes. 

Props, friend. You’ve come to the right place, and just in time, too!

While I’m sad to say that the future of Cutting Shapes Club is very unknown, we’re having one final release to those who wish to go down in history as being a member of The Club.

I myself am a “bigger-tum-than-ass” lass, and I know how shit it can be trying to find aesthetic, feel-good pieces to add to the collection.

That’s why the silhouette was carefully designed & meticulously fitted to work for a variety of body shapes, but primarily with big-bellied-babes at the forefront of every design decision.

The quirky, bold, aesthetic AF dress prints were crafted in collaboration with artists from fat and/or queer backgrounds, and are exclusive to Cutting Shapes Club. You can read more about this on the FAQs page.

All in all, these dope fat threads are just dying for you to slide into them, wear your Club membership with pride, and TAKE. UP. SPACE.

Now, after all that waffle, why don’t you just go ahead and:

(and what the heck
that even means…)

The Cutting Shapes Club size chart is unique. Which might sound strange, but standardised sizing doesn’t really exist anyway. So why not do our own thing?

Before launching this brand, I spent a number of years researching and working with top pattern makers and apparel technicians to ensure the fit & grading of these dresses is nothing short of fab-nificent!

To help in figuring out your size, I’ve put together not just a size chart, but a whole bunch of sizing info including visual examples (and measurements) of some babin’ customers & models.

Wanna be the first to know if there’s plans in the future?