Welcome to
The Club!

HEY YOU GROOVY HUMAN…If you’ve found your way to this righteous little site i’m gonna assume you’re in the market for some bold fat threads in ACTUAL plus sizes. Props, friend. You’re in the right place.

All five of the currently available dresses share a silhouette; one that was designed to work for a variety of body shapes, but primarily with big-bellied-babes at the forefront of every product design decision. Us rotund beauties have such a shit time finding pieces that also work for us, so it’s time we got a piece of that pie! Mmm pie…

The dress prints are crafted in collaboration with artists from fat and/or queer backgrounds and exclusive to Cutting Shapes Club – you won’t find them anywhere else! The five prints are super varied, tremendously colourful and dying for you to slide into them and TAKE. UP. SPACE.

Sizes 1 – 6
(and what the heck
that even means…)

The Cutting Shapes Club size chart is unique, because there’s no such thing as industry standardisation anyway.

We’ve done our research and worked with top patternmakers and apparel technicians to make sure the grading of our dresses is nothing short of amaze. I want the very best for this Club!