Shipping & Returns Details

How Much Is Shipping?

If you’re in Australia, good on ya mate – you get free shipping! If you’re on another continent, you can also have free shipping if you purchase 2 or more dresses.

If you only want one (for now…), there’s a flat rate shipping fee of AUD$20 (about USD$10) for anything outside of Australia. Reasonable, right?! YEP! I’m going you halves in the cost because shipping is SO ‘speno, but that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer from lack of dress!

Can I Track My Package?

In a word; yes. Definitely if you’re in Australia. Outside of Australia depends on the couriers in your country. Worst case scenario you will be notified when it leaves Australia, enters your country and then when it’s delivered.

What Areas Can’t Be Shipped To?

Apparently I can’t send packages to any countries currently under UN Embargo. This means Cuba, Guatemala, North Korea, Syria and North Sudan.

Also, NO P.O. Boxes in any country.

Are There Express Options?

At this stage there isn’t, soz. If you need something urgently, email me and i’ll do my best to help you out. 

How Long Will It Take?

The pre-sale round of dresses are almost SOLD OUT! So if your size and style is in stock, it will be shipped immediately.

I’m working on another run of the same dresses (and maybe a little something something else), so please join the waitlist listed on each sold out item for anything you plan to purchase and I will make sure I order enough for everyone. 

If you’re in Australia, shipping is pretty standard; usually within a week, much sooner if you’re in a city or large town. 

International time frames are something like this:
New Zealand; 4-6 working days
North America, Western Europe, Asia & The Pacific; 6-13 working days
The Rest of the World; 10-15 working days.

Can I Return Stuff?

I doubt you’ll want to (hehe), but yes you’re welcome to within 30 days so long as it is unworn – no smells, no marks, tags still attached. Once it’s been processed, I can issue you a refund.

Unfortunately, because i’m just a one-babe army I can’t afford to shout you return shipping, HOWEVER PayPal have a really cool new “Refunded Returns” system where they reimburse you the cost of return shipping (even international) for items paid for with PayPal. The link and details will cary from country to country so just Google it. 

Obviously if there’s an issue with the dress (ie. a manufacturing problem), please email me immediately and we’ll work something out. I want nothing more than for you to be stoked with and proudly wearing your Cutting Shapes threads!